Today is my sister’s birthday, and I remembered  how happy I was when my family was bringing her home from the hospital; I was only two and half, but I was jumping up and down and squealing about how tiny and perfect she was.  Yes, I loved babies even then :)  How wonderful it is to have new babies in this world who are just so pure and innocent and happy, and who truly bring an abundance of joy to our lives!  ♥

Baby Cole, ten months, was a gorgeous reminder today of how beautiful life is when a baby is in it!  What a joy he was to photograph, and what a little ham!  He “posed” and smiled and was an especially delightful baby “subject” — I could have taken his portraits all day!  I was so happy to capture him doing the quintessential baby things, like scooting, crawling (he just learned!), sitting, and even proudly standing up in a basket.

Thank you so very much for bringing your perfect little boy for his portraits today, Lynn and Clay!  I had a great time meeting you all.  I hope that you enjoy your “sneak peek” of sweet Cole’s portraits! :)

P.S.  Happy Birthday, Mary! ♥ My life is so blessed to have you in it ♥

Perfect Bebe

Four Teef


Crawler Cole

Cutie Cole

Cole and Sophie

Karmel - Absolutely stunning photos! He is one gorgeous little boy and has amazing eyes!!

cori derksen - gorgeous images. beautiful little boy.

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