Three generations of wonderful women came to my home-studio today:  Raquel, Veronica, and tiny Josefina.  I really enjoyed seeing grandma, mommy, and baby together and their loving interactions with one another.  Since Josefina comes from a line of fabulous women, I can only imagine the memories these three ladies will create with one another!  Josefina is one lucky little girl ♥

At three weeks old, Josefina has a very sweet disposition and a head full of delicious, dark hair that already has a mind of its own, and is just so impossibly cute!  :)  She stayed awake for a bit, probably because she didn’t want to miss out on all of the fun, but then settled into a nice sleep once we wrapped her up for her portraits.  Since her daddy grows prize orchids, she even “posed” very stylishly with an orchid in her hair 😉

Thank you so very much for visiting me today, Raquel, Veronica, and itty-bitty Josefina!  I hope that you enjoy your “sneak peek”!


Yellow Bonnet Baby

Cozy Josefina

Daddy's Prize Orchid

Pink Orchid

William Hiel - I don't think I have ever laid eyes on such a beautiful little girl. What a special gift. I wish all the best for your family. Love Always - Uncle William A. Hiel

Sebastien Torre - Yep, pretty little one. She is adorable.... Lucky parents!... The girls love her too ... soooooo much.... "more than themselves" as Juju would say. SCCJ

Uncle Ed and Auntie Lucy - Too cute for words!

Pablo Markesis - I am so so blessed to be an Uncle once again. God works Miricles. I can not wait to come home to Kiss and Hold Josefina, a new member of the Markesis Clan. Haha. Bless you both. Boy she has alot of Hair! hehe, she so cute thou. Love you Guys, see ya in Aug. Love always Pablo. Send more pics.

Dania - How beautiful!

Tia Carla - Ohhhhh, this little baby girl, she's soooooo beautiful! We loooove her soooooo much! Besitos Josefinipinini! BRAVO a los padres!

Tia Carla - Muchos Besitos para la Perlita!!!!!

Raquel Markesis - "Pepita" you're a little piece of jewel! We adore you. God Bless you, mami Vee & papi Andy. Love Nono & Noni.

Cecilia VanNatter - What an adorable little angel!! The highest compliment I can give you, is that she is as beautiful as my two grand daughters were when they were born. I just love the hair!!!Hope to see her very soon but meanwhile please give her a little kiss for me.

carma d stebbins - We were so happy to see the pictures of your darling baby. She is so pretty, and so much hair, we can't get over it. She really takes a good picture. We can't wait to see her again. Love Carma

Conni musser - She is so beautiful, she made me cry a bit. The world is a finer place with our Josefina. Thanks for sharing.

Ron Lopez - Now THAT'S "sleeping like a baby!" She is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing.

Debbi Manley - I can only imagine what an incredibly blessing, Josefina is to her family. Truly, "A baby is God's opinion that the world shall go on." May Josefina always bring happiness and love to your lives.

Karen Dodds - She is just ADORABLE and such a blessing. Enjoyed the photos, thanks for sharing.

Clarisa - Congratulations, Veronica. She's a beauty!! I am certain you guys are extremely happy...remember these times, she'll be 13 before you know it and that's when the fun really starts, as you know from working with middle schoolers!! :)

Araceli Armas - Congrats Vero! She is just GORGEOUS! She could be in Anne Geddes' Calendar! Thanks for sharing! Araceli

Margaret Shemsi - Veronica, TOTALLY awesome baby daughter...Josefina is fabulous, I adored the photos...she just slept right through her modeling debut! Lots of love and congratulations, look forward to seeing her grow. Margaret Shemsi

Carolyn - Congratulations on creating perfection. She's beautiful.

Isabel Lopez - Veronica, Felicidades!, Josefina is so beautiful and precious!! Enjoy your time with her while you can. Thanks for sharing, Isabel

Emily Garcia - She sure is beautiful.....that full dark hair and what looks like baby blue eyes....My goodness she is precious and a true gift from God...As all are....God Bless you.

Nadia Braun - Congratulations Veronica! She is too cute! I love the pictures! Enjoy her because they Do grow up too fast...mine is 8 months now...lucky for me he still likes for his mommy to hold him.

Jodie Hulden - Veronica, Beautiful baby, beautiful mom, beautiful photos. Congratulations! Jodie

Michelle Sturm-Gonzalez - What an absolute blessing! Muchas felicidades, Veronica & take your time now while she's'll never regret that decision! Everything at the office will still be here when you get back...bendiciones!

Cynthia Hernandez - She is just too precious for words... Congratualations Veronica!!! Love the pictures!

Al Chavez - Wow! She is very adorable! Congratulations!

Tammie Inumerable - How precious is she....WoW! Congrats on your new baby love!

Kenya - Veronica, you were right! Look at your precious miracle. I love her hair, she is quite the fashion setter already. Continued blessings for you and your family.

Monica Duenas - Vero, your precious little miracle is, of course, beautiful, I see you in her picture with her beautiful eyes open. Congratulations and Blessings

Laila Abdo - Muchas Felicidades Veronica! Esta preciosa tu nina. Disfrutala mucho y espero que se encuentren bien las dos.

Claudia Calderon - Veronica, mil felicitaciones por la preciosa Josefina, creo es muy parecida a su mami. Felicitaciones al papa tambien, cariños a los tios y primos.

Adam Helfand - Congratulations Veronica!!!!!! I am so happy for you I will give you a call soon to catch up. Thank you for sending me the link. Best wishes. Adam

Tricia Hirata - What a sweet, beautiful baby girl. What a blessing and I could not think of someone more deserving. Thank you for sharing.

Carlos Van Natter - She's is beautiful! Happy to hear all are doing well now and looking forward to seeing you in July.

Maria Elena Rodriguez - Veronica, How adorable she is!!! She is just too cute! Thank you for sharing her with me. Enjoy every minute since they do grow up quickly. Mine are now 24 and 22....and it still seems like they were little not too long ago. Blessings, Maria Elena Rodriguez

Lynn - Beautiful...Veronica, I miss you. I'd love to see and meet your angel. Keep in touch!!!

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