Baby Mason, nine months old, had a very momentous day today!  Not only did he come over today for his very own portrait session, but the little guy learned how to crawl all by himself!  Good job, little buddy!  Mason has this wonderful, easygoing disposition, and in looking at his portraits, just the most exquisite, kind-hearted eyes.  When he gets older, he is sure to break some hearts! 😉  He and his brother, Ben, were a pleasure to meet and play with today!

Thank you, Liz, for bringing Mason for his baby portrait session!  You have two really sweet and smart little guys on your hands ♥  I hope that you enjoy your portraits! :)

Kind Eyes


Fun in a Basket

Sweet Mason

Just Monkeying Around

Liz - Wow Sara!!! The pictures are beautiful and adorable all in one! I can't wait to see the rest! Thank you so much for today. We had such a great time!

Julie - Love it! What a handsome, happy boy! Thanks for sharing!! Miss y'all so much!

Anita - Beautiful picture. He's so precious!

Matt - Sweet! In that second photo I thought a really skinny and really young Jorge was looking at me.

Pam - Beautiful pictures! He is really adorable.

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