“Babies are such a nice way to start people.” ~ Don Herold

No matter what age babies are, they are wonderfully intuitive, loving, and ready to learn so much, so quickly.  Each and every baby deserves to be treasured for the unique little person he is growing into.

Welcome to the world, Baby Joel! You are one loved little boy ~ a tiny perfect beautiful treasure ♥

Todd - Baby looks so cute and happy!

Nat Helm - That is one beautiful baby girl! Cute puppy too.

Stacie Helzer - Diana, Congratulations! Wow, he is so adorable. What a beautiful baby. Hope you are doing well and everyone is healthy and happy. Don't worry about work we aren't going anywhere... From Stacie

Alma - Diana, I am so excited for you and your husband!! like I said to you before I want to babysit, take care, enjoy and rest...Alma

Edith - He is so cute.... Congratulations. Eighteen years before he goes too college...LOL I'm sure you will enjoy it all.

JJ - Hey Diana! Just got back and I heard the wonderful news. Miracles! Miracles! Miracles! Congratulations! JJ

Jordan Pena - Congratulations Diana, what a beautiful baby. Que bendicion.

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