The Story of the Smash!

Once upon a time, Baby Ethan was turning one!

I decorated the Baby Bean Portrait Studio just for him! ♥

Little Ethan posed in a bowl full of oranges.  He was quite a little smarty, and could say, “Orange!” all by himself!

We had a good time laughing with one another.

When it was time for the “cake smash,” Baby Ethan started off with just a little poke or two into the frosting…

But soon tried taking the biggest bite I’ve ever seen a baby attempt! :)

His face was covered in frosting in a beautiful rainbow of colors…

And the smashed cake looked like an oil painting.

Mommy and Daddy bathed Ethan in the sink until he was all clean.  Then Mommy snuggled with him in a towel.

When it was time to go home, Baby Ethan looked out of the window at the birds and trees.

The End! :)

Laurie Farrell - The best story I've heard in a long time!! What an amazing session little Ethan =)

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