The Simple Truth

As I reflect back on 2010, I see just how truly blessed I am.  Even in the midst of countless changes (which, admittedly, can sometimes be a bit scary at first), I had amazing friends and family to lift me up, I met incredible parents and their sweet new babies, and I began a journey toward learning to listen more deeply to my heart.

Let me share an excerpt from a poem, “The Simple Truth”, by the wonderful Philip Levine.  As some of you know, I studied poetry for my Master of Fine Arts.  Philip Levine’s “voice” moved me then, and still moves me now, because it is simple, clear and resonant.  It is Levine whose poetry I credit with being a catalyst in leading me toward chasing my dreams:

Some things
you know all your life. They are so simple and true
they must be said without elegance, meter and rhyme,
they must be laid on the table beside the salt shaker,
the glass of water, the absence of light gathering
in the shadows of picture frames, they must be
naked and alone, they must stand for themselves…

Cheers to a 2011 filled with those things in life which matter most, especially those things that are “simple and true”…

to a year filled with tiny squeaky newborn people, round little tummies, baby-soft wispy hair, itty-bitty fingernails,

joy-filled new daddies, doting mommies, and more laughter than a heart can hold…

Happy New Year, baby beans! Hugs and kisses to you all! ♥


Yellow BeanLittle Pumpkin

Sweet Smirk


Doting Mommy

Little Adelyn

Happy to be Born!

Pretty in Pink and Purple

Simple and True

Kelley - I love the photos of Hyde! Thanks for capturing his perfectness. Beautiful poem, too! Happy 2011 to you.

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