Five Days and Five Pounds of Joy

Last week, I met a very small, adorable person —  Baby Chloe!  She was just five pounds and five days old — so tiny and sweet — I had a hard time putting her down to photograph her!  What I really wanted to do was cuddle with Chloe all day. :)  Seeing such a brand-new, beautiful child is just the very thing that is always guaranteed to make my heart sing! ♥

Little Chloe reminded me about how important it is in my life to follow my heart;  I know, for me, that the moments that I’m most happy are when my heart is abuzz.  It seems the more “true” I am to myself, the more my life just “feels right” and resonates with joy.

I find it infinitely extraordinary that the tiniest of people bring so much joy to so many people…

Merry Christmas, all of “my beans”!  May you always remember to follow your hearts

Tiny Fist

Baby Bean Bear

Sweet Chloe Smiles

Salad Bowl Sleeper

Bitty Baby Bed

Little Pink Lady

Holding You

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