Newly Born

Newborn babies have always been very special to me. I have been a self-proclaimed “baby nerd” my entire life: taking care of neighbors’ babies every day after school when I was in elementary school, reading every book I could find about babies in the public library, subscribing to Parents Magazine when I was eight years old (!), working in a special needs daycare with infants when I was a teenager, and even volunteering at the San Diego Rady’s Children’s Hospital in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) in my twenties.  Since my childhood, I just couldn’t get enough of cuddling the itty-bittiest and most innocent people of all.

Fast forward to my thirties, I was so very lucky to stumble upon custom baby photography.  I feel my heart swell every time I see a brand-new baby and know that I am going to capture something meaningful for her family.  It’s this indescribable joy that makes me know in my deepest of hearts that I am following my calling.

There are so many unique things to photograph on a newborn baby. Though I love to take whimsical photos of newborns with fun props, I also take a wide range of shots during each newborn session.  Some of my favorites are the close-ups of all of the little details that disappear so quickly after birth. During the first two weeks of life, little newborns have peeling skin, wrinkles, peach fuzz on their shoulders and ears (!), are super sleepy, and fold into a tiny balled up shape (like in the womb).   These are those beautiful details that are easy to forget in the whirlwind right after a new baby is welcomed into the family.   It’s my sincerest hope that new parents feel as though they can reach out and touch Baby’s newborn skin and kiss her soft baby head when they look at their artwork hanging in their home… and, even more importantly, feel the same joy I feel in looking lovingly upon the extraordinary miracle of new life ♥

xoxo Sara

Griselda Avila - Oh my God!! Beautiful!!! Love it!

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