“Only connect” ~ E.M. Forster

Just as we need others, they need us.  It’s not a choice.  Perhaps we all search for a mirror to ourselves through what others show us.  If people mirror to us the best parts of who we are, we become bonded to them in enriching ways.  And these bonds that we create in life are directly related to our happiness.

When new parents bring their brand-new babies to my studio, it is so apparent just how in love they are with their children, and how much more they will bond as each day passes.

I love how human beings, only hours old, already know how to hold hands with others…  Inherently, as human beings, we were meant to connect.  I watch, firsthand, the tiniest of tiny people reach out — make genuine contact.

How lucky I am to witness this affirmation of new life — this connection. ♥  To my “beans”:  I wish you a lifetime of genuine connection and love!

Eye Contact

Stork DropOwling


Teething in Teal

Capped Cutie

Counting Sheep...

Lamb Lovey

Pure Joy

Hello World!

Little Charmer

Big Beautiful Eyes

Happy Bean

Little Pom-Pom

Feeling Fuschia

Delicate Flower

Sarah Spear - I am in Love! Your work is amazing... I can't wait to see the rest of the photos! Thank you again!

Katy - Amazing!! Thank you Thank you!

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