While some babies begin their first couple of years with only a hair or two sprouting from their heads, Baby Ryan, just two months old, has a gorgeous head of soft brown curls!  His curls are probably the envy of many a bald baby girl 😉  However, regardless of his “baby-good-looks,” little Ryan couldn’t be any more sweet dispositioned; it’s no wonder his parents are smitten with him!  How proud his parents must be of their delightful new boy, just beginning a life of wonder, hope, and bundles of possibility!  I can predict already that he will probably grow up wanting to be just like his daddy, an Olympic gold medalist.  Thank you, Jason and Danielle, for coming all the way to San Diego for Ryan’s portraits!  It was wonderful to meet your beautiful family, and I hope that you enjoy your “sneak peek”! :)

Little RyanSweet Cheeks

Dreaming of Gold

Christine Eusoof-Alviz - He is sooo cute. Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to watch the Olympics 2028 with Ryan Lezak as the lead for the US swim team.

Jen - Go Gauchos! Your baby is beautiful.

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