Gratitude is the memory of the heart. ~ Jean Baptiste Massieu, translated from French

As the holidays are quickly approaching, I can’t help but to reflect on all of those people who are so important in my life… and just how much I am so grateful for their unwavering love, support, and generosity.  You are my sounding-boards, my cheerleaders, my confidants.  Thank you!

I also am well-aware of how lucky I am to do a job that I love so much, with the people I love most in the world — babies!  Meet Baby Austin, just ten days old… the cutest little guy I know with dimples, that oh-so-sweet new baby smell, and a little sprout of hair at the top of his head ♥  How happy I am to have met you, little Austin! ♥

Sweet Austin

Red Chair

Long Winter's Nap


Bucket Bebe

Daddy's Boy

Mommy's Sweet Baby Boy

Lisa M - Wow - absolutely gorgeous! These are so perfectly, tender and sweet. Austin is such a beautiful baby with beautiful parents too. :-)

Cara Hoherd - Thank you Sara!!!! We are absolutely THRILLED with these and can't WAIT to see the rest!!!

Summer Winberg - These are absolutely priceless! :) GORGEOUS!!! :) Beyond words really. What a treasure.

Great Aunt Carrie - Wow, those are great pictures! Austin posed perfectly for 10 days old! sooooooooooo cute!

Gammie Hoherd - The most precious pictures ever ! Something to treasure forever !!!

Gaby - OMG, how precious. He is soooooo sweet and Cara is so beautiful, and Ryan so handsome.

Nandy - He is darling and I can't wait to hold him again

Megan - This pics are wonderful and I adore the knit caps and bottoms! So sweet -- cannot wait to see all of them!!

Uncle Bruce & Aunt Cathy - How very sweet. They grow and change so fast it is nice to have a record of them when they are quite and a sleep. It will not last long.

great uncle rob - these are hallmark and kodak all he does is sleep? guys are so lucky!!...i want one for my wall...a picture not the baby...enjoy these moments before they are gone..! very cute!

Leslie Hansen - He is beautiful! Can't wait to see all of you for Christmas in Colorado.

Gramps - These photos are absolutely amazing, but then why wouldn't they be with such beautiful subjects to work with.

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