The Tale of Lucinda Lou and her Daddy

What a fun afternoon I had today, meeting an adorable little bean, named Lucinda Lou — Lulu for short!  Just like you may imagine with a name like Lucinda Lou, this little peanut is full of personality at only 10 days old, making all kinds of funny faces as I was positioning her for her portraits.  It wasn’t until Daddy came into the studio, though, that little Lucinda Lou settled into a deep slumber and I could get her into some super-fun set-ups!  Her daddy truly has that magic touch.

As much as I like Lulu’s portraits of her by herself, I especially adore the ones of her and her daddy; it’s very obvious that they already share so much affection between them.  How glad I am to have captured the special love between a daddy and his itty-bitty daughter ♥

Thank you, Honor, Matt, and Grandma Cindy, for bringing your bundle of joy for her portraits!  She is the sweetest little person!  I hope that you enjoy Lucinda Lou’s photographic debut! :)

New Lucinda Lou

Peanut in Polka Dots

Lulu in Leopard

Little Egg

Beauty and Brawn

A Tale of Lucinda Lou and her Daddy

Judi Baker - How precious!!! It makes me want to snuggle her! You can see how sweet she come right thru the camera lens! Thank you soooo much for sharing that with me.

Terri - Great captures! Wish I was still in San Diego for you to do a cake smash session with my son for his 1st birthday. I'm going to try to set one up in the park (so I don't have to clean it up) and see how it goes...

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