Mak Attack!

Meet Baby Makani!  At almost seven months old, Makani has the best hair on the planet, a shock of adorable fuzzy hair on the back of his head that likes to stand straight up!  Apparently, the cute guy has acquired quite a few nicknames, with Mak Attack being one of them :) What a sweet little man he is ♥

Makani is the very first grandson of a wonderful midwife whom I had the pleasure of meeting last year.  Sunshine, his grandma, was so kind to feature some of my artwork in her office at The Whole Family Wellness Center.  Not only do they feature great midwifery services and childbirth classes, but also acupuncture, massage, and nutritional counseling!  I highly recommend that you check it out… and not just because my art hangs there 😉

Congratulations on your wonderful grandson, Sunshine!  I hope that you and your family enjoy Makani’s portraits!

Happy Makani

Sweetie Pie

Little Monkey Makani

Delicious Bells


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