The Dream Art Box

Meet the magically, deliciously fun Dream Art Box … an imaginative alternative to standard photo albums! “So, just what is a Dream Art Box?!” you may ask… well, I’ve been dreaming up this treat for a while;  you’ll have to read below to find out more!  :)

♥ The Dream Art Box is a custom-made image box with a beautiful photo-cover

♥ treasure 10 of your favorite portraits (5×7 inches) inside

♥ each portrait is uv-coated for preservation and mounted  on styrene board (one of the best mounting substrates available) for rigidity

♥ included: custom-made, boutique-style, polka-dot frame – you choose the colors! —

and an adorable little easel, 15″ tall and made of black iron with whimsical swirls, to display your favorite portraits one by one!

Custom Dream Art Boxes!

Cherish ten of your favorite session portraits inside this charming keepsake box.

Pearl Custom Cover with Baby Bean Art

Your personalized photo-cover has a pearl-shimmer finish, and can be customized with your favorite colors, text (your baby's name and birth-date, for example), and even include Baby Bean drawings, as this one does!

Dream Art Box Set

Each portrait is uv-coated for preservation and mounted for rigidity.

Shabby Chic Frame on Display Easel

Choose creative colors for your custom-made, shabby-chic frame!

Whisical Iron Easel

Display your favorite portraits one by one on this adorable easel, made of sturdy black iron!

Swoon-Worthy Swirls

Swoon-Worthy Swirls! ;)

Imagination and Decoration!

Celebrate your baby's blossoming new life in a dreamy, artistic way!

*(interested in a photo album, instead?  See the Story Artbook! …Now offered in 5×7 inches!)

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