When we were children, my sister and I would draw pictures, write stories, make finger-paintings as gifts, and put on “shows” to entertain our parents.  This Christmas I suppose it wasn’t much different as I was lucky enough to capture such a special time in my family’s life as a “home-made” gift to them… with my camera.  I took a trip to see my sister, Mary, and my brother-in-law, Matt, in Oregon.  This time it was an especially meaningful trip because I’m going to be an official auntie for the very first time!  I’m always so excited about the impending arrival of babies — as everyone knows, I just love them so much — but now I can barely wait to see my nephew in a few short months! … What will he look like?  Will he be more pragmatic like my sister, or artistic like me?  Will he have a wry sense of humor like my dad?  Or a corny one like my mom?  😉  It seems as he is growing each day, so is my excitement and curiosity…  Thank you, Mary and Matt, for hosting me at your house, and I can’t wait to meet my little buddy and hold him in my arms! 😀Sister Love

Hearts Skipping a BeatPossibilityHeart-Red Mittens

Baby Balloon Boy

Linn Schulte - These pictures of Mary are lovely and we can't wait to see more as time goes on. Linn and John Schulte

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