Meet Somebunny New!

Say hello to Baby MacKenzie, just five days old, and with a head full of beautiful soft curly hair.

She is just the reason that I love what I do… ♥

Hello World!

Soft Curl

Itty-Bitty Princess

Bonnet Beauty

Sugar and Spice

MacKenzie BeanKisses

You are my SunshineMommy and MeSomebunny New

Allyson - These are so ADORABLE! You truly have the magic with the little baby beans! You handle them with such care and you have so much patience with them. Thank you again for taking such beautiful pictures of our sweet MacKenzie :)

Maria Dopwell - These photos are absolutely beautiful!!!! I soooo can't wait to see her in person. Great job to you both!

Maria Dopwell - By far the greatest thing on earth - remains the miracle of birth!

Margaret McSwain - I was already smitten now I can hardly stay away from her. Now I have beautiful shots to tide me over 'til I see her again.

auntie nisha - Oh my she looks so pretty ,! These pictures are really nice

Dessa Wright - OMG She is absolutely Beautiful!! She does not look like a newborn. I can't wait to see her again.

Joyce Zillner - So precious...poetry caught on film. Thank you for sharing.

Kelsay Kirkman - So beautiful and precious. I wish I was closer so I can see her in person.

Deedra Nash-Colston - Allyson, she's beautiful! These are the most beautiful baby pictures I've ever seen!

Dale - LOOK at my Baby Mac! OMG she is beautiful.. Auntie dale Can't wait to hold you!!!

Linda Wagner - Allyson and Rashan, congratulations on beautiful MacKenzie. She is wonderful. You are all very blessed. I can hardly wait to get my hands on her. Margaret and Jerome, you know how blessed you are to have MacKenzie in your life. Grandkids are a game changer. They are the most fabulous people on the planet.

Nancy - WOW WOW WOW! What a beautiful blessing (understatement)!

Papa Jerome And Faye - What a beautiful Baby McKenzie . I love her MORE but I love you all too .

Monique - Allyson, She is so adorable. Congrats! I'm looking forward to meeting her in person.

Robyn pomatto - She is so freakin cute!!!!! U two r n for a wonderful ride!!!!! I can't wait 2 c ur little one grow! And Eliseia can't wait 2 meet her!

Nicci - She is so adorable!! These photos are great! I love the little ears! So cute!!

Gail - Congratulations Rashan and Allyson on the birth of your truly beautiful daughter MacKenzie. Apart from being cuteness itself, she looks a very serene and calm addition to your family: you have been blessed. :) Hugs galore to all three of you from your English cousin across the pond.

Ohio - Congrats family! Monique beauty is in your family genes!!!

Amanda Keeys - Oh my gosh, could she be any more darling?? Gorgeous shots, love the warmth and softness they all have to them.

Jim - Great photos. Rally drawn to the 2 where she is a swaddled up.

happy hearts photography - what a beautiful little girl! #9 is a truly exceptional image.. great photography..

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