Growing Things

Yesterday evening I met Denise, a sweet, loving, and thoughtful mama-to-be.  She is excitedly awaiting the arrival of her little girl in about a month or so, and we spent the evening in a local garden amongst tall sunflowers (bigger than people!), prize-winning dahlias in a rainbow of colors, lanky green corn stalks, tomatoes on the vine, plump round pumpkins, and so many other wonderful growing things!  How lovely it is to think that Denise’s baby daughter is going to have such a gentle, loving mother to tend to her ♥

Thank you, Denise, for allowing me to share in this special time in your lives!  To Denise’s husband who is deployed in Japan: I hope that you enjoy this peek at your wife’s beautiful growing tummy!  I can’t wait to meet your little girl very soon! :)

Sweet Denise

Growing Things

A Bud Bloomed



Beautiful Belly

Rainbow Things

In the Cornstalks