Yesterday, I fell in love with Newborn Isabella’s beautiful baby lips and pretty eyelashes!  It’s always the tiniest details that seem so perfect and magical!  ♥  Isabella is the first little girl on her daddy’s side of the family, and that gorgeous face is sure to tug at quite a few heartstrings and be showered with a lot of aunts’, uncles’, and granparents’ kisses!

What a sweet angel-baby Isabella was for her session!  She even smiled (practically on cue) the biggest, cutest smile while she was lying in a basketful of roses!  Thank you so very much for bringing your precious new baby girl to my home-studio yesterday, Raul and Rose.  You have such a pretty little girl on your hands :)  I hope that you enjoy your “sneak peek”!

DimplesRainbow Crate

Funny Roses

Fuschia Flower Girl

While You Were Sleeping

Terri Cobo - Rose and Raul, Isabella is sooo in credibly beautiful! What a fabulously beautiful Angel from Heaven!! Fabulous photographer too! TC

Laurie Haynes - WOW!Mommy and daddy you did SO GOOD!!What a special gift you have in your beautiful baby girl.Enjoy every single minute :) God bless all of you. Laurie

Michelle - You two did a fantastic job.....I was so excited to hear that you had a girl! I love her precious face with those pouty lips. So awesome. Congrats again!

Vicki - Isabella is a beautiful princess -- whose radiance is captured in these gorgeous photos. Thank you so much for sharing!

Kiki - OMG! I love these pictures. Isabella is so precious. She looks so peaceful and sweet, can't wait to snuggle!

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