In the Nursery

Today, I had the best possible morning I could ask for because I got to meet little baby Sterling, just one week old, and I got to be deliciously creative at the same time!  Baby Sterling is such a little man, with soft fuzzy hair and the sweetest button nose!  Because he is a close friends’ baby, I wanted to do something special for them, so today I put together my own home-made “nursery” scene; I had a wonderful time meeting the little mister, and he was the perfect baby model, even while sleeping deeply amidst the flowers 😉

His mommy and daddy are just deliriously happy about having Baby Sterling for a son, and I am so thoroughly delighted for them!  ♥  Thank you Bill and Hilary for bringing your gorgeous little boy to my home studio/ “nursery” today!  I’m looking forward to seeing how much Sterling has grown by the next time I see him! :)  Enjoy your “sneak peek”!

In the Garden

Planter Baby

Beary Cute Boy



Little Man

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