A Growing Beautiful Someone

“Can you see
It’s amazing what you do to me?
Took my heart and made me feel things
I never felt before.
It’s changing me,
Which direction so certainly.
Shook me up and threw me around.
Helped me learn to breathe
It all in.

…You’re just a growing beautiful someone.”

~ from “It’s Amazing”, a song by Mindy Smith

This week I shared cuddles with a couple of precious little people!  ♥

Meet Baby Abby, six months, and Baby Orion, just seven days ~ two “growing beautiful someones”!

Blue Beauty

Coy Cutie

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Silly Bear!

♥  ♥  ♥

OrionMossy Green Dream

Reclining TogetherApple Pucker

Lisa M - Sooo precious. I love the expressions you captured from baby Abby. And baby Orion, he makes me want to have another - what a sweetheart! Those little lips and baby hair make me melt.

Deb - The pictures of Orion just take my breath away. They are so precious.

Janie Busse - That apple picture is UNBELIEVABLY cute!!! GREAT pictures!!!!!!

Tanzyn - gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!

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