The Cake Non-Smash!

Personality is everything in art and poetry.” ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Baby Yuri is almost one!  She has come to visit me two other times: once when she was just a tiny newborn, and again when she was six months and sitting up.  Yuri can now crawl, stand up, has two teeth, and an opinion of her own.  She is wonderful!  ♥

When it came time for her to “smash” her cake, she wanted nothing to do with this activity, but instead crawled over to the window to look at the trees and birds.  What a big girl she has become, with her own distinct and lovely personality; I love how she knew exactly what she wanted!  Needless to say, a standoff between the baby and the cake ensued… and Yuri won! :)

Happy Birthday, beautiful girl! ♥  I am so happy to have watched you grow!

Baby Yuri



Little Beauty

FrostingThe Standoff!

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