Oh, Baby!

…did I have a fun and busy week!  I met six new little people, and was lucky enough to capture their first days of life!  My heart is singing and so so happy!

Meet Easton, Olivia, Robbie, Waverly, Carson, and Levi! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

♥ Easton ♥

Sweet Boy

Mickey Mouse Club

Sweet as Molasses

♥ Olivia ♥

A Little Blue Bear


Hush Little Baby

♥ Robbie ♥


♥ Waverly ♥

Blue Chair NapSide-SmilerMama's Little Waverly

♥ Carson ♥

Carson Smiles

Bitty Bear

Ted E. Bear

♥ Levi ♥

CapLevi's Daydream

Held Tight to My Heart

Susan - I am just absolutely in LOVE with your work!!!!!!

Kristina - Wow, all these baby photos are absolutely amazing. My little nephew Robbie is so adorable and you captured him perfectly. We're so excited to have him in our family and it's so great that his parents have such beautiful photos of this time in his life that passes by way too fast. Amazing!

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