This itty-bitty man was just a “twinkly little light” in my friend Summer’s eye when I met her, thirteen years ago!  😉  We were roommates way back when and became fast friends and then partners in crime (albeit innocuous ones, of course!).  I will cherish those days that we spent together forever, but I am equally as excited about our days to come, especially now that Summer’s family has just recently grown with the birth of her first son!  Baby Gavin is a very good eater who coos (in an impossibly cute grunty sort of way) and loves being all bundled up and cozy in his momma’s arms.  As his “auntie,” I got a lot of quality time cuddling with him and smelling his sweet baby scent yesterday :)  Thank you, Summer, Dave, and big sister, Madi, for sharing your precious little guy with me!  I hope you enjoy your “sneak peek” of Gavin’s portraits!

Lover Boy

Tweed Cocoon

Knitting Basket

Baby Envelope

Brown Tweed Sleep

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