What a delightful morning I had with three-month-old Sawyer!  Babies sometimes smile while they are sleeping — and what if they manage to smile while asleep when they are getting their portraits taken? …well, that is just pure and simple magic! Sawyer did just that.  I think that with her toothless grin and baby charm that Sawyer is a natural at “baby-modeling”! :)  She is just as cute as can be and a photographer’s dream!  ♥

Robyn, thank you so much for bringing your little sweet-smiling girl today!  She is just absolutely precious, and I’m so happy to have captured some wonderful moments in your lives!  Enjoy your portraits! :)

Baby Beauty


Sleepy Sawyer

Surprise Smile!


Nicole - Wow, what a sweet chubby little guy. Precious sleeping baby shots.

Tanzyn - omigosh he is adorable, awesome pics!!

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