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Often nicknamed a baby-whisperer by clients, Sara Kovacs (owner of Baby Bean Portraits) has had a lifetime affinity with babies. She began to help neighbors take care of their little ones when she was only six year old, and has never looked back. It isn’t unusual for clients to tell her that they picked up a baby-whispering technique or two during their session! In the past seven years, Sara has professionally photographed over 700 newborns and babies and a handful of pregnant mommies, too. But newborn babies are admittedly her favorite subjects of all.

Newborn Photo Sessions call for a specialized touch: not only do they require professional photography expertise, ample experience with tiny infants, and infant safety… but they also require a very special artistic eye (have you noticed a wide variety of online photos of newborn babies? That not all photographers capture them the same way?). Because this is such a fleeting time in a baby’s life, it’s even more essential that you choose a photographer who is able to generate keepsake images that you will adore forever… to remember, touch, hold, and pass on to your children’s children.

They’re only little this once. ♥









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Lexi-11 Lexi-12 Lexi-25Benjamin-8362Benjamin-8448Benjamin-8405





Issy-6720 Issy-6685

James-37James-23James-25Matthew-7824 Matthew-7760 Matthew-(In the interest of newborn safety, please note: this last image is a composite.  Baby was not actually sleeping unattended on the rocking horse.)

Jennifer Mercer - I was so impressed watching Sara work to get those beautiful photos of my newborn. Her creativity, gentleness, and sincerity absolutely came through and made the photo shoot a memorable event for my family. I love our newborn photos!

Michelle K - Our newborn photo session was absolutely perfect. Sara is a natural with babies and our little baby girl was settled and calm throughout the whole process. The studio is set up perfectly for babies and families. It was a privilege to see how Sara put together such beautiful settings and colors and the care she took to make everything perfect. I am a second time mom and I know that time passes too quickly. To have important moments like these captured in such a beautiful way is priceless. My four year old son adored Sara and she took some of the best pictures of him I've ever seen. The attention to detail is so evident in the pictures. They are gorgeous!! Thank you!

Newborn Photography in delhi NCR - sara is working good and trying to give her best .Very nice photoshoots of newborn ..Thanks

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