You are my Sunshine

This last weekend, I had just no idea how in-love I was going to fall… I had been waiting for weeks to meet my first nephew, Baby Owen Thomas, and finally went on an adventure up the California Coast to see him in Oregon!  I have to admit that as much as I love capturing photographs of babies, my true love is just holding them as they sleep or delighting in them as they hold my finger or try to look around with their cute new eyes :)  So while I was there, I held Owen as much as I could.  Oh, how I already miss his sweet baby smell, soft hair, his horse-sounding grunts (!), his “kissy-lips” face, carrying him around in his sling, and the way he listened intently when I sang “You are my Sunshine” (my favorite baby song) to him…  I really, truly wish I could see him every day ♥

Matt and Mary, Owen is just terrific.  I think you already make wonderful parents, and my nephew will be such a lucky boy to grow up with you.

Baby Owen, you are my little sunshine, and I love you so much already.  I can’t wait until I get to kiss you and cuddle with you again.

So, without further adieu, World, meet Baby Owen Thomas!

Kissy Lips

My little Sunshine


Itty-Bitty Owen Fingers

The Green Dresser and Bubbles the Cat

Mary's Owen

kris allbright - Could he be any cuter!!! Love these gorgeous images of little Owen..The picture of mom holding him is just precious..The lighting is so flattering..CONGRATS.

Carrie Brown - He is so beautiful. These pictures make me want to cry. They are amazing. I really can't get over how tiny and perfect he is. Matt and Mary are great parents. I am so happy for them. Owen is a very lucky little boy. P.S. I am a teacher at springfield high school. I shared a room with Mary when she worked her.

Pattie Ripley - These pictures are amazing! Baby Owen is so adorable. He's a lucky little boy to have Matt and Mary as parents.

Chris - Nice work Matt and Mary. Beautiful family.

Lisa Glander - He is adorable...what a beautiful perfect baby boy. These pictures are amazing, I agree!! Thanks so much for sharing them with us Mary. We miss you:)

JoAnne Allen - OMG!! Those are so precious!! I can't wait to meet him in person! What beautiful photographs!

Kate & Rick Jendrasiak - What's not to like.....Mom and Baby are a reflection of just how wonderful God's work can be and this is not meant to leave out your contribution, Matt. Mary looks amazing so soon after her delivery. Madison Ave would label the photo of Owen and Mary as one of those "priceless" moments. Please thank Sara, who is a talented photographer, for sharing these. Someone should consider sending these to some publications. The other black and white "in-the-hands" shot would also resonate for many reasons. Always thought the "lead baby" on the first E-trade commercial is what Matt looked/acted like as a baby.....including his humor. Now Owen can follow in Dad's footsteps. God Bless all of you! PS: Hope you didn't buy Owen a #5 eggles outfit!

Elena - WOW! ¡Que precioso bebé! What a precious baby! He is the most perfect baby! Matt and Mary you are such wonderful parents. I know baby Owen is the lucky baby for having such parents, but you are also lucky for having such a precioso bebé. And the pictures are perfect and well done! GOD bless you all! Love y ¡Muchas felicidades!, Elena

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