When clients hire a professional photographer, they’re not only hiring her to take professional images to share on social media or their cell phones.

Similar to people who go to a gourmet restaurant featuring their favorite chef for his inspired cuisine, clients hire a professional photographer to use her special blend of expertise to make artwork just for them, from the best materials available in the photography industry. Artwork like this is truly a luxury and something special to treasure for a lifetime.

This is why I wholeheartedly believe in tangible heirlooms in clients’ hands and home: artwork to touch, hold, and pass on to their children’s children. I still look at old photographs of my grandma on her wedding day or of myself at our family reunion in Michigan when I was five years old. They are my most treasured belongings. Photographs are meant to help us remember who we were… and are.

I get excited for clients to see the gorgeous results of their sessions. I can’t wait for this beautiful couple to hang their framed fine-art prints in their home!

xx Sara

Framed 11x14Custom Frames

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